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Antibacterial sterile water or sterile water to make spore syringe

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Sterile water or Antibacterial sterile water for Mycology 20ml

Antibacterial 20 ml Sterile water

Mix of Antibacterial powder and Sterile water to improve the chances of making spore syringes easier.

If you have made a spore print or purchased a spore print and would like to make a syringe, use this product to improve your chances of bacterial contamination. Please note if you have any other contamination like pink, black mold, or Trichoderma, this product will not help as it only has antibacterial properties.

Please note you cannot collect the spores from the wild and add them to this syringe. Wild spores need to be grown on agar and cleaned as the concentration of contamination is excessive.

We recommend cleaning it out on an Antibacterial MEAG plate or Water Agar.

Pour some spores into a glass container that has been cleaned with boiling water in a sterile space with gloves and mask on, empty the contents of the syringe, and mix spores thoroughly, a drawback of all the liquid in the syringe and inoculate your grain bags or jars.

Some of our customers empty the spore syringe they received from a supplier in a clean glass container and empty a syringe with antibacterial water to make 2 syringes with antibacterial compounds. Please note this will result in dilution of the spores and thus may take more time to colonize a grain bag but may give you a better success to ward off bacterial contamination as the antibacterial compound will kill all bacterial spores or prevent them from germinating.

Sterile water 20 ml

The use of sterile water is unlimited in mycology. For example, it can be used to make spore syringes or added to sterile grains or substrate if moisture is depleted from those bags.

Adding to mushroom fruiting blocks to avoid soaking.

Some old spores have a very hard time germinating on agar. Making a spore syringe to rehydrate the spores and then using them drastically improves your chances of success.

These 2 products may only be suitable for a small number of people who have advanced skills but do not have access to a sterilizer or someone who wants to experiment. These syringes are not conventional mycology products that are sold but are very ingenious.

The product comes with a needle, so please keep it away from children and take precautions not to poke yourself with it. Use of this product for any other use except mycology is prohibited.


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