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To buy mushroom liquid culture in Australia, you would typically look for suppliers who specialise in mushroom cultivation supplies and your search ends here. We have the largest library of liquid culture in Australia and over 3000+ reviews to support our quality. Whether you are looking for Shiitake liquid culture or button mushroom liquid culture, we have got it all.

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Mushroom liquid culture is essentially a solution containing mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus, suspended in a nutrient-rich liquid. This liquid typically includes a mixture of water, sugars, and other nutrients that support the growth of mycelium. The mycelium in this form is often stored in sterile syringes, making it easy to inoculate or introduce into a growing medium, such as sterilised grains. This method is a popular and efficient way to start the cultivation process of mushrooms.

Once the grains are inoculated with the liquid mushroom culture, the mycelium begins to colonise the grains. After sufficient colonisation, these grains can be transferred to a substrate, which is the main food source for the mushrooms. The substrate composition can vary depending on the mushroom species being cultivated.

The advantage of using liquid culture lies in its efficiency and the speed at which mycelium can colonise the growing medium. It’s a preferred method for many cultivators due to its ease of use and the ability to quickly scale up mushroom production.

Looking for grains to go with your liquid culture purchase? Head over to our pre-sterilised Grain bag collections. You may also want to look for our colonised grains spawn that are ready to use. Don’t forget not all mushrooms grow in every season.


Species: Lions Mane Claw (Hericium-erinaceus), Volume: 10ml

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