Pre poured MEAG Agar Plates (Antibacterial) 90mm

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Pre-poured Petri dishes Malt Extract Agar (MEA) with Anti Bacterial Compounds for mushroom growing.

Your purchase includes

– 10x Parafilm pre-cut strip

– 10x 90mm Petri dish with MEA with Anti Bacterial Compounds comes sealed snugly. These plates are to be stored at room temperature. Do not store them in the fridge unless colonized.

Shelf life – 30 to 45 days

About the petri dish

These dishes are made of clear polystyrene, which allows for clarity while being disposable and durable. It is easy to stock and grip and has an anti-slip ring that offers stability.

General MEAG information

MEAG is a gelatinous medium that is used to purify, germinate, isolate, and manipulate mushroom mycelium to reduce the chances of contamination drastically due to its antibacterial compound.

These Petri dishes are 100% ready to inoculate with spores or mushroom mycelium. Its key feature is anti-bacterial compounds. In Agar mycelium cultures, antibacterial compounds have been demonstrated to inhibit bacteria to a confinable level. In several cases, spores are infected with bacteria attached to them, and they carry it to the Agar media. This will germinate fast-growing bacterial spores that make it difficult for mushroom spores to germinate (as they are slower compared to bacterial spores).

On the other hand, when infected spores are introduced to MEAG, the mushroom spores will germinate and grow, leaving behind bacterial contamination. That is because the cells composing the mycelium (Hyphae) have long and sharp filaments, which carry reduced populations (if any) when they pass through the Anti Bacterial Compounds as they grow. These plates will not prevent the growth of other contaminants that are not bacteria.

We recommend MEA with Anti Bacterial Compounds for

  •  Germinating spores from a spore syringe or spore print has a likelihood of contamination.
  •  Isolating a specific strain of mushroom
  •  Wild mushroom cloning
  •  Purify mycelium from other contaminated agar plates or liquid culture

Malt Extract

Malt extract contains a high concentration of maltose, which provides a suitable environment for the growth of fungi. That is due to its rich source of carbon, protein, and nitrogenous compounds used as energy for fungi growth.


Agar-Agar is extracted from various seaweeds, such as gracilaria and gelidium (It contains no animal ingredients. Due to Agar’s unique gel property and stability, it is used as a firming and thickening agent for Petri dish experimentation.)In an unlikely situation when you receive some plates damaged or contaminated that may arise sometime from shipping, we will refund you part payment for those affected plates. Please send us the photos within one week of receiving the parcel.

We offer other Pre-Poured Agar plates in our store.

You can also buy the Anti-Bacterial powder from our store or other pre-made Agar mixes to make your own agar plates.

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