Inflatable monotub kit for Growing mushrooms

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Your purchase includes: (Kit)

– 1x inflatable Monotub
– 1x Monotub liner
– 11x Monotub filters
– 11x Monotub plugs

You can also buy the liners or the plug and air filter individually.

With a quantity of 40 litres and a measurement of 48cm x 28cm x 28 cm, it is a perfect size to add 3 Kg(Total weight) of spawn+Substrate.

This inflatable monotub serves as a fruiting chamber for mushroom growing. Its clever design optimises fruit yield by providing an appropriate microclimate and air/gas exchange. It is the simplest monotub to set up as it only requires inflating. As some other methods suggest, there is no need to make holes or paint it with spray. Please do not move the tub around once it’s filled with substrate and mycelium begins to colonise the substrate.


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PLEASE NOTE: The Monotub Kit does not come with instructions at this stage. Please follow Ashley, the creator of this tub (from BoomerShroomer) Video on YouTube to get complete instructions on how to use this product). 

The included liners not only make it easy to clean up but also reduce the chances of side pinning. The monotub plugs are used during the colonisation stage, and the filters are used during the fruiting stage. The monotub filters allow gas exchange, which induces pinning and mushroom formation. It has ten holes for which the amount of gas exchange can be adjusted depending on the growth stage that the mushroom is in.

Save time and effort
– Simple design, easily transportable
– Easy to clean
– Yield optimisation
– Preserve humidity whilst avoiding contamination
– Clear plastic for easy monitoring
– Removable lid
– Draining holes that allow for adjustable gas exchange
– Inflatable, easily disassembled if not in used

Contamination check for your culture:-

Agar Petri dish -Best to buy MEA or MEAG to check for contamination to isolate contamination

Make your own Liquid culture for faster colonisation of your spawn:-

This monotube is used only to grow Gourmet mushrooms; by buying this product, you agree that you will not use this product for any other purpose. We have pre-made 1 kg spawn for gourmet mushrooms in our website for our AU customers. Do not contact us to look for illegal mushrooms or give you any directions to acquire them.

First-time grower:-

     For medium to advanced growers:-

  • Use our Millet bags for your spawn- Best to buy along with this kit.
  • Either make your own pasteurised substrate or use our pre-sterilised Substrate– We recommend either buying Coco coir substrate or Manure. It is best to buy it once your Millet is fully colonised.

Isopropyl Alcohol 70%

We cannot ship isopropyl alcohol as its a highly flammable liquid; you need to either pick up from our store or buy it from any hardware store.

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