Mushroom Casing layer – Pasteurised or sterilised 1Kg

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Mushroom Casing Layer


The casing layer is essential in mushroom cultivation and is predominantly used for top-fruiting varieties of mushrooms.


What is a Casing Layer?
A casing layer is a substrate cover designed to:

  • Retain essential moisture.
  • Initiate and support pinning.
  • Prevent surface mycelium from drying out.
  • Facilitate optimal pinset formation.
  • Provide nutrition and trace minerals.
  • Host microorganisms vital for pinset formation in some varieties.

If you face challenges like side pinning or uneven pinset on your substrate surface, our casing layer is the ideal solution. In nature, mushrooms usually form after rainfall, leveraging moist conditions and the cooling effect of moisture evaporation to induce pinning. Simulating these conditions with an apt casing layer can greatly enhance your mushroom cultivation.

Types of Casing Layers:

  • Sterilised Casing Layer: (1kg Hydrated at field capacity)
    • Ideal for maintaining the perfect surface conditions.
    • Best for species that prefer sterilised settings, such as top-fruiting varieties (e.g., Swordbelt, Namoeko). Some exceptions are under the pasteurised casing layer category.
    • Reduces contamination risks in low airflow environments, like monotubs, due to its sterile nature.
    • Our offering is ready-to-use and pre-hydrated.
  • Pasteurised Casing Layer: (250gms dry, add 750ml boiling water to the bag directly. Creates 1 kg casing layer when hydrated.)
    • Enriched with beneficial bacteria crucial for certain mushroom varieties.
    • Some mushrooms need not only the ideal surface conditions but also specific bacteria for pinset development.
    • Designed for species like Shaggy Mane, Agaricus, and Wine Cap.
    • Before use, add 750 boiling water to the bag and let it rest for 4-12 hours.

Note- When you hydrate the pasteurised casing mix, you can sterilise it if you have an autoclave and use it as a sterilised casing layer. Some species, like Almond mushrooms, may not require pasteurisation or sterilisation as they require the presence of heat-sensitive bacteria to fruit. For this species, add room-temperature water to the mix instead of boiling water.


Which casing layer is best for me?


If not growing Shaggy Mane, Agaricus, and Wine Cap, please use a sterilised casing layer.


Why Choose Our Casing Layer?

  • Proven Formula: Our casing layer blend has been refined and validated over the years.
  • Optimal pH: Both types are adjusted to a pH of 7.5.
  • Contamination Control: Proper airflow in your grow space is vital to ward off contamination. Our pasteurised mix uses inorganic materials and additives to minimise this risk. It also features gypsum and calcium hydroxide, enhancing nutrition and adding a pasteurising effect. Adding a specific amount of gypsum to our mix has been proven to get rid of Trichoderma contamination drastically.


Usage Guidelines:

  • Thickness: Target a 1 cm layer.
  • Application: Once spread, press down lightly.
  • Timing: Only apply the casing layer after the substrate is FULLY COLONISED and is visibly white.


Note: The enriched nutrition in our blend supports robust mushroom growth.


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If you opt against a casing layer, you can alternatively use an Atomiser to maintain substrate surface moisture(except Shaggy mane, Agaricus and Wine cap). Ensure only small droplets form, avoiding excess water. Check regularly until the pinset begins, then stop misting. Given the constant need for monitoring and the potential for mycelium damage, we recommend our hassle-free casing layer as the “set and forget” method.

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