Pre sterilised rye mushroom grains w/inj port and air-filter

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500g or 1kg bags of pre-sterilised Rye grains with a self-healing injection port for mushroom cultivation- shipped express!

It is recommended not to buy this product until you have a colonised agar plate, spore syringe or liquid culture. This product is intended to be inoculated upon arrival.


For 500 gms variant-

1 Pair, i.e.- 2 bags of 500 grams each of sterilised Rye Grain.
5 Pairs, i.e.- 10 bags of 500 grams each of sterilised Rye Grain.
10 Pairs, i.e.- 20 bags of 500 grams each of sterilised Rye  Grain.

For 1KG variant-

1x, 5x or 10x of 1Kg each of sterilised Rye Grain bags.

For 2KG variant-

1x , 5x of 2Kg of sterilised Rye Grain bags.



When we make our grains, every step of the process has been carefully thought out to ensure the highest rate of success.

Why buy from us?

–  100% clean and reputable grains
–  Soaked for 12h in chlorine-free water
–  Washed 5 times to ensure throughout the cleaning
–  5% Gypsum is added to avoid clumping
–  Simmered for 10 minutes to soften the grains and make it easy for the mycelium to digest the grains
–  Cooled down slowly for 5 hours to prevent the autoclave from sucking up contaminated air when equalising the pressure
–  Pre-sealed bags prior to sterilisation
–  Autoclave tape used to ensure the sterility process has been effective
–  Ensured grains have not been sprayed with fungicide. We obtain it from a reputable supplier.
–  Our grains are intact and free of breakages after sterilisation, as exposed grains can increase the chances of contamination
–  Grains prepared at optimum moisture field capacity of around 50-55%
–  Self-healing injection port included with every bag
–  Thorough inspection of bags before shipping

These pre-sterilised rye mushroom grain bags are assured 100% contaminant-free due to their sterilisation process of 3 hours at 20 psi in a commercial autoclave. Under certain circumstances, there can still be contamination, which could have occurred while the product was being shipped. In the unlikely event that you see contamination in your bag that may be due to shipping, please send us a photo within 2 weeks of receiving the item for a full refund or replacement.

Your bags are made to order; please allow 2 to 3 days of handling time.

Bag Size: 10.16cmX 7.62cmX 45.72cm
Brand of the bag- Unicorn USA (4-T)

How to avoid contamination:

–  Take the bags out of their packaging as soon as possible, and keep them at room temperature away from direct cold/heat sources. The bags need to breathe and should not be kept in places where there is no free airflow. Keeping the bag in a closed environment will result in anaerobic contaminants thriving and making the bag mouldy.
–  We recommend that the bags are used as soon as possible to minimize the chances of contamination.
–  Work in front of a flow hood or a still air box using a completely sterile workspace.
–  Sanitise the injection port, flame the needle until red, let it cool, and then inject the bag with 10cc Liquid culture for 1kg and 5ml for 500gms grains or a completely sterile spore syringe.
–  Once inoculated, move the bag around without shaking. This helps the liquid to move around the bag and not settle at the bottom.
–  Incubate at 24 degrees Celsius in a dark spot and keep all the grain bags at a distance from each other to avoid excess heat, which leads to contamination.
–  Agitate when 30-50% colonised with clean hands and do not touch the air filter or make the air filter wet.

If the injection site begins to show contamination, that means either your Liquid culture or Spore syringe had contamination in it.

Additional tips-

–  Recommended for inoculating with Liquid culture, in contrast to a spore syringe, which may be full of bacterial contamination (Spore syringes are best when purified with Agar plates first; please adhere to this).
–  Use the inoculated grains/fully colonised grains within 14 days to avoid loss of vigour and dieback.
–  Always keep the Grains somewhere dry. If the air filter gets wet, the contaminants can start growing on it.

This item does not include mycelium. Check out our other listings to add mycelium Liquid cultures to your order. We also offer millet grain spawn.

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Q. What are White marks on the grains?

A.  We use calcium carbonate in the grains, its like white powder.Sometimes you will see white marks on the dots in your grains, they are completely harmless and nothing to worry about.


Q. What is the grainy substance at the bottom of my grains?

A. Grainy Substance is Gypsum, It’s a supplement we add to make sure your grains break up easily while providing calcium and sulphites. They do sometimes deposit at the bottom and are completely harmless.


Q. Why do I see condensation?

A. Condensation happens due to temperature difference between the bag and the outside, When you receive the bag and they have condensation, mix your bag thoroughly and the moisture will be reabsorbed by the grains, if you still think the grains are moist, please leave it for 1-2 days before inoculation or reduce the culture injected in the bag.


Q: What is the typical duration for grains to colonise?

A: Grains generally require a colonisation period ranging from 8 to 30 days. The colonisation process tends to be slower in winter compared to summer. Different species exhibit varying rates of growth, with some naturally progressing faster than others. Slower-growing species cannot be accelerated; they will eventually reach full colonisation. For instance, Reishi typically takes 8 days to fully colonise a 1 kg grain bag, while Almond Mushroom may take up to 30 days to do the same.

Several factors contribute to optimal growth conditions. Key factors include moisture, temperature, and airflow. Lower temperatures lead to slower mycelium growth, and most mycelium thrives at temperatures between 22-24°C. The amount of moisture within the bag is crucial; if you notice colonisation halting midway, shaking the bag thoroughly to evenly spread mycelium and deflate the bag to eliminate excess CO2 and ensure proper airflow can help. By removing excess CO2 buildup and providing fresh airflow, you encourage continued colonisation.







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