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All In One Sawdust & Bran | Millet Mushroom 1kg Bag | Instruction

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1 kg Sawdust enriched with wheat bran, All in One Spawn and substrate ready for colonization and fruiting: Pre-sterilised for mushroom cultivation-now comes with detailed Instruction sheet.

It is NOT recommended to buy this product until you have a spore syringe or liquid culture. This product is intended to be inoculated upon arrival.

Liquid culture syringe needs to be bought Separately.
We offer 4 Variations for this All In One Sawdust & Bran bag: This listing is for sawdust enriched with bran. Use our other listing to buy All In One Bags

Your bags are made to order; please allow 2 to 3 days of handling time.
We recommend that the bags are used as soon as possible to minimize the chances of contamination.

This product is excellent for growing any type of hardwood-loving mushrooms like lion’s mane, king oyster, shiitake, maitake, turkey tail, wood ear, and more.

This product contains Hardwood chips along with sawdust. Hardwood chips give mycelium something substantial to hold into, and the mycelium grows really vigorously when it comes in contact with hardwood chips. This product is specific to have faster colonization and substantial yield.

If you are growing Enoki, Turkey Tail and Shiitake, we recommend specifically going for Sawdust and bran substrate instead of Master’s Mix.


Fruit Straight from the bag!

Your bag includes:

  • 50% Millet grains (Sterile and prepared at field capacity)
  • 50 % Substrate (60% Hardwood Pellets, 20% Hardwood chips & 20% Wheat Bran)-comes with extra supplementation.
  • Instructions sheet provided with every order
  • 1x Self-healing injection port
  • Alcohol swab

There is no need for grain-to-substrate transfer, which often leads to contamination. It essentially removes one of the most contamination-prone steps out of the mushroom growing process, saving a lot of hassle.


  • The lower part of the bag consists of grains. Sanitize the injection port, Flame the needle until red, let it cool, and then inject the grains through the injection port with 10cc Liquid culture or a completely sterile spore syringe.
  • Once inoculated, move the bag around without shaking. This helps the liquid to move around the bag and not settle at the bottom.
  • Keep the bag in a dry and dark spot at around 24°c on average.
  • Check the bag in one week or two when all the grains are colonized.
  • Simply take the bag and shake it to mix the substrate and grains together. Be careful not to strain the top of the bag, which has been heat-sealed.
  • Keep the bag again for a week in a dry and dark spot at 24°c.
  • Ready to fruit as per your mushroom species- Some are top fruiting, and others are side fruiting.


If you wish to purchase Sawdust and Bran substrate by itself, we have it available in our store.

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