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Self-healing injection port & Air Vent Filter-3M mushroom lids

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5 variations are available for our Self-healing injection port & Air Vent Filter:

**Please note that prices below are per unit and not the whole sheet**


– 2pc self healing injection port and 2pc air filter vent

– 5pc self-healing injection port and 5pc air filter vent

– 10pc self-healing injection port and 10pc air filter vent

– 20pc self-healing injection port and 20pc air filter vent

– 50pc self-healing injection port and 50pc air filter vent

(Mason Jar and Lid not included )

Item Specifications:

– Air Filter Vent (white color)- 1.9 Micron, 3M adhesive backing-1.8 cm X 1 cm.

– Self-Healing Silicon Injection Port (Black color) -3M adhesive backing-1.8 cm.

*Are you just after injection ports or air filters?

Simply leave a note stating your requirements while purchasing, and we will swap one for the other.*

Air Filter Vent:

This Air Filter Vent provides gas exchange in culture containers whilst removing the chances of contamination. That is due to its 0.22-micron filter, which blocks all contaminants but permits the entrance and exit of oxygen and carbon dioxide (The smallest contaminants are 3 microns). This product has proven to be long lasting and highly durable to us, it is autoclavable and widely used for grain jars and liquid cultures.

Self-healing Injection port:

The self-healing Silicone Injection Port allows a needle to pass through while self-healing. It is autoclavable and long-lasting. Multiple times, we have sprayed alcohol on this product prior to inoculation, and it has shown no signs of deterioration. It is easy to clean and has a simple but elegant design, which homemade self-healing injection ports lack.

These Injection ports can also be used on Uncle Ben’s tek.

3M Glue

What makes these items efficient and secure is the 3M strong adhesive. It can resist autoclave temperatures over 121 Celsius at 15psi for extended periods when kept covered and dry during sterilization (We have proved that it withstands higher psi; however, it is not recommended for lasting usability). We recommend keeping this jar covered with aluminum foil to avoid water/steam getting inside.

There are 3M Prime pens that you can purchase and use to make a stronger adhesion between the sticker and the material. This is optional.

What diameter hole to make?

The overall diameter of the port is 2 cm,  perfect for a 1cm (10mm). Use a Drill Bit for a perfect injection hole on the lid.

How do you prepare the surface for Sticking?

Clean the surface with an alcohol swab and allow it to dry completely. It will not stick properly if you stick it on a semi-dry surface.

What type of surface can I use for these?

This product can be put on clean, hard surfaces, including standard metal jar lids and plastic jar lids. It is not intended for soft materials, like mushroom grow bags. However, We Strongly recommend using plastic lids as metal jar lids corrode quickly and deteriorate. Make sure that the surface of the lid is smooth, clean and that the lid hole is not excessively large, preventing adequate adhesive from making contact with the lid.

The Ball brand black plastic lids are not smooth since they feature recessed lettering molded into the plastic. The uneven surface may affect the performance of the adhesive during sterilization runs. Opt for smooth lids.

Get everything you need to make your lids for liquid culture or grain spawn in our store.



*   Grain Jars.

*   Liquid Culture Jars.

*   PF TEK Culturing.

Why do I buy these instead of the traditional self-healing injection port and syringe filter?

Avoid messy glues and indecorous designs. No glue or RTV High temp gasket maker is required. Drill 2 holes in the plastic lid of your mason jar and stick. Avoid the risk of contamination of the polyfill and its messy look.

We also have Self-adhering 3M synthetic Monotub filters. Manufactured to fit 5 cm holes.

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