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Agar petri dish MEA School Science Fun Project Kit

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Microbe Explorer: Your Kids’ Passport to a Tiny, Wondrous World!

Unveil the mystic microscopic world to your budding scientists with our Microbe Explorer Kit – a perfect blend of fun, learning, and invaluable life lessons. Amidst a post-Covid era, understanding the existence and behaviour of microbes has never been more crucial. This kit is not just an array of science tools but a thrilling adventure waiting to unfold right in your kitchen, classroom or backyard!


What’s Inside the Box:

  • 10 Ready-To-Use Petri Dishes: Pre-poured with nutrient-rich Malt Extract Agar, sealed snugly, awaiting the tiny guests.
  • 10 Sterile Swabs: Your kids’ magic wands to transfer the invisible, curious creatures onto the agar beds.
  • 10 Parafilm Strips: To keep the micro-invaders securely inside, gearing up for the big reveal.
  • A User-Friendly Guide: Simple, engaging instructions to kickstart their microbe-hunting journey(Written for kids, parents ensure safety is followed).


 What’s not included:

  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Hand sanitizer


 Fasten Your Seatbelts: Free Express Shipping Included! Get ready to dive into exploration without a moment to spare!

 Enlightening Experiments: From the harmless microbes on their toys to the vigilant ones on the doorknobs, let them explore, grow, and observe!

 Safety First: No need to juggle hot agar or other risky stuff. Our kit is designed to keep the safety of young scientists at the forefront.

 Science Fair Ready: Our sterile and sturdy setup nurtures the microbes and your child’s chance to shine in the science fair!

 Foster Curiosity and Responsibility: Through hands-on experimentation, kids will not just satisfy their scientific curiosity but also develop a keen understanding of hygiene.

 Natural and Safe Ingredients:

  • Malt Extract: A sweet invite for microbes with its high maltose content, aiding their growth.
  • Agar-Agar: Extracted from seaweed, it’s the perfect gelatinous base for our micro-guests, with no animal products involved!

 We’re Here For You: Got questions or need more kits for a whole class or a science club? Reach out, and we’ll cater to all your microbe-exploration needs!

 Dive Into the Micro World: The doorknob, the garden soil, or even the air – where will your young scientist discover the extraordinary?

Our Microbe Explorer Kit is not just a product but an enthralling experience, a lesson of life, and a spark of curiosity. So why wait? Embrace the micro-adventure and unveil the hidden microscopic reality together with your child!

Grab a kit, and let the tiny tales of microbes enchant your young explorer’s scientific soul!

Feedback is Our Stepping Stone:

We value every bit of feedback to enhance our offerings. Let’s mold future scientists with the right blend of fun and knowledge!

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