Antibacterial Powder for mushroom cultivation

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Antibacterial powder for Agar petri dish and mushroom growing cultivation.


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1gm of Antibacterial powder (Autoclavable)

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What is Antibacterial powder?

This powder is an antibiotic commonly used to treat bacterial infections. In Agar mycelium cultures, it has been demonstrated to inhibit bacteria to a confinable level. It is used to purify, germinate, isolate, and manipulate mushroom mycelium, drastically reducing the chances of contamination due to its antibacterial compound. Its key feature is that it is autoclave resistant, making it easy for cultivators to use.

How is does this powder work?

In several cases, spores are infected with bacteria attached to them, and they carry it to the Agar media. This will germinate fast-growing bacterial spores that make it difficult for mushroom spores to germinate (as they are slower compared to bacterial spores). Even when mushroom spores germinate, there is a high likelihood that the mycelium contains a bacterial infection, increasing the chances of contamination when transferring from Agar to grains, other agar plates, or liquid culture.

On the other hand, when infected spores are introduced to an agar media with this antibacterial powder, the mushroom spores will germinate and grow, leaving behind bacterial contamination. That is because the cells composing the mycelium (Hyphae) have long and sharp filaments, which carry reduced populations (if any) when they pass through this antibacterial powder.

Antibacterial powder Main Uses through agar plates-

–  Used to purify contaminated Agar plates (through Agar transfer)

–  Autoclave resistant (It is added in Agar mix prior to inoculation)

–  Germinating spores from a spore syringe or spore print, which has a likelihood of contamination

–  Clone wild mushroom tissue, which has a likelihood of contamination

Instructions for Making Agar mix with antibacterial powder mix Petri dishes

–  Add  0.05g (1/20th of a gram)  of this antibacterial powder to your Agar mix  for every 42g of Agar Mix( MEA/MYA/PDA, etc.)

–   Boil 1000ml of hot water ( for 42 gm of Agar mix)  and pour your antibacterial Agar mix in it

–  Stir thoroughly with a spoon. The content needs to be poured slowly and not all at once.

–  Autoclave or pressure cook for 20 minutes at 15 psi.

–  Pour into Petri dishes when it reaches 50 degrees Celsius (Approximately hot enough to hold the flask/ jar with one hand), and let it set for 10 minutes. Do not stir the solution after taking it out of Autoclave, as this would trap air bubbles in this solution.

–  Once petri dishes are set, inoculate them and wrap them with parafilm. Preferably, inoculate them after 3 days. This will ensure that there is no contamination in the agar plates.

–  Petri dishes are best to be stored upside down to avoid condensation.

We have relied on this mix to experiment at our lab using different varieties, and it has greatly reduced the amount of contamination we get by a large amount.

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Since we use 1/20th of a gram, this will last you a long time. It is a one off buy for lot of home growers. If you think you will not be using this quantity, we also offer pre mix Malt Extract Agar mix (MEA) to make agar plates and Malt Yeast Extract Agar Mix (MYA) with antibacterial powder.

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