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Coco coir block 4 Kg, 60L, organic, washed, mycology grade

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Introducing our premium 4 kg Coco Coir Block – the ultimate eco-friendly and versatile growing medium designed to meet your mushroom cultivation needs. Made from 100% natural and renewable coconut husk fibers, this highly compressed block creates the ideal environment for a wide variety of mushroom species to thrive while minimizing the chances of contamination.

To minimize the risk of Trichoderma or Trich contamination, the first step is using a clean coco coir with no added nutrition or salts that can affect its pH level. Our coco coir is sourced from a supplier who takes extra care to ensure quality. It is washed of salts, contains no added fertilizers, and is made from 100% shredded coconut husk, compacted to a 1:4 ratio for convenience.

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1 x  4Kg Block  Coco coir

3 x  4Kg Block  Coco coir


Product Specifications:

  • Compressed 4 kg block can yield 22 kg of the the final substrate when used with vermiculite and gypsum.
  • If used with our recipe, PH would be 7 (neutral) once hydrated. Most mycelium requires a neutral pH to thrive.

Key Benefits of our Coco Coir Block:

  • Clean and Contamination-Free: Our coco coir is free of added fertilizers and salts that can stall mycelium growth. It is also free of Trichoderma, a common contaminant in horticultural-grade coco coir that can compete with mycelium and hinder mushroom growth.
  • Superior Water Retention: Coco coir can hold up to 9 times its weight in water, providing a consistently moist environment essential for the growth and development of mushroom mycelium.
  • Compatible with Vermiculite and Gypsum: When used with vermiculite and gypsum, our coco coir creates an ideal substrate for mushrooms with low nutrition requirements. Following our guidelines and recipes, you can achieve optimal substrate conditions for your mushroom cultivation.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Our coco coir is 100% renewable and environmentally friendly. Once you have finished using it for your mushroom cultivation, you can discard it in your garden.


To help you achieve optimal results, we have provided a recipe for preparing 2 kg of the final substrate (wet) at field capacity using our coco coir. Follow these steps to prepare the substrate, you must follow the steps as laid out:

  • Cut a portion of the coco coir block and weigh out 225 g. Also, prepare 125 g of Vermiculite, 28 g of Gypsum, and 10g of Calcium Hydroxide.
  • In a plastic container (no metal), add 1.8 L of boiling hot water and 10 g of calcium hydroxide. Mix it well.
  • Add 225 g of coco coir to the mixture, vermiculite 125 g, and gypsum 28 g.
  • Once the mix has absorbed the water and cooled down, mix it to distribute contents evenly and add the mushroom spawn and fruit it in your desired method.
  • Adjust the ratio to get your desired final weight of the substrate. For example, if you need 4 kg, double the quantity in the ratio. If you need help calculating the ratio, you can contact us.

It’s worth noting that the coco coir used in the US differs from the one used in Australia. Unlike the Australian coco coir, which is highly compressed and comes in a 1:4 ratio, the US coco coir is usually not compacted. As a result, the ratio for preparing the final substrate at field capacity can be quite different.

Unlock the full potential of your mushroom cultivation with our 4 kg Coco Coir Block. This sustainable, high-performance growing medium supports healthy, vibrant mycelial growth for a successful and bountiful mushroom harvest. Our customer support team is readily available to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have about our coco coir or mushroom cultivation in general. We strive to offer expert guidance and practical advice, helping you achieve the best possible results from your cultivation endeavors.

We also sell sterilized substrates, including Coco +Vermiculite+Gypsum in our store.

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