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Hardwood Sawdust Pellets (HWP) 15KG Bag Australian | Mushroom substrate | BBQ (Pickup only)

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These Australian Hardwood Sawdust Pellets or Hardwood Sawdust Fuel Pellets (HWFP) are an indispensable choice for serious mushroom cultivators and eco-conscious gardeners. These 15 kg hardwood fuel pellets are sourced responsibly from pristine Aussie forests; the wood pellets reflect our deep commitment to environmental stewardship.

We ensure that our pellets are entirely free from harmful chemicals and additives, making them an ideal growing medium for a variety of gourmet mushrooms, including oyster, shiitake, and lion’s mane. The ease of use is a significant advantage – simply adding boiling water transforms them into a perfect, aerated substrate, allowing both beginners and seasoned growers to achieve impressive results.

Beyond mushroom cultivation, these are best for BBQ  or Smoking use, burning cleaner and for longer durations than their softwood counterparts.

For mushroom cultivation, the hardwood wood pellets can be used alone or in combination with other supplements like bran or soy pellets, depending on the specific needs of wood-loving mushroom species. When using bran, the recommended ratio is to add bran at 20% of the dry weight of the pellet mix. For instance, for every 5 kg of pellets, add 1 kg of bran. Along with this, add 2 liters of boiling water for each kilo of the total mix. In the case of making a Master Mix, the ratio is to mix equal parts of soy pellets and hardwood pellets. For every kilo of this mix, add 1.9 liters of water. These ratios ensure an optimal substrate composition for various mushroom growing requirements with the right field capacity.


These pellets are better than the hardwood pellets Bunnings or mitre10.

Check out our Mushroom Substrates for more information.

THis item is only for pickup from Marrickville, Sydney.

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