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Organic Brown Rice Flour BRF bags 4X 500g PF Tek

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4 x 500gms organic brown rice flour (brf) & vermiculite bags, pre-sterilized and ready to use

Your purchase includes

  • 4 x 500gms Organic Brown rice flour + vermiculite bag with Self Healing injection port
  • 4 x Alcohol wipes


  • Bag Size: 10.16cmX 7.62cmX 45.72cm
  • Filter Size: 3.81cmX 3.81cm
  • Brand of the bag: unicorn (4-T)

Why are 500gms better than 1kg bags-

  • Faster colonization
  • They are smaller, so they are easier to manage
  • They are easy to place in the fruiting chamber as their height is not too big.

The consistency of the bag is really light, and mycelium vigorously colonizes it. Let’s be honest; these bags are not meant to give you a heavy flush of mushrooms. These bags are designed to colonise fast and give you the mushroom at the fastest possible time.

Each bag must be removed from the mushroom grow bag once they have completely colonized and must be introduced to the fruiting chamber. There are plenty of videos to make your own fruiting chamber on YouTube!

This is the simplest way of growing your own mushrooms, as you do not need a grain transfer or substrate transfer. Grow directly out of the bag.

One of the easiest methods is to create a mono-tub and fill it with Perlite (easily available in Bunnings). Add some water and put the colonized bags on top of cardboard wrapped with aluminum foil so that the mycelium block does not touch the perlite. Don’t add too much water, as the purpose of water is to maintain humidity inside the monotub. If you are in any trouble regarding this, we are happy to assist you.

We recommend that the bags are used as soon as possible to minimize the chances of contamination.

How to inoculate?

  • In a clean environment, wipe the injection port with an alcohol swab or spray with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Shake the LC syringe and Flame sterilize the needle.
  • Cool the needle for a few seconds and inject around 5 ml of liquid culture into the Brown Rice Flour + Vermiculite Bag.

Once ready to fruit, use the following method-

1) Once the block of Mycelium is colonized, cut the bag open and place the bag’s contents in the fruiting chamber. Mushrooms will start growing in 7-8 days, depending on the variety.

2) Once you have harvested your first batch, keep the block submerged in Sterile water in the fridge overnight (Boiled water which was cooled down). This will hydrate your mycelium block and is ready for the second flush

During the second or third flush, the contamination rate is high if the sterile technique is not maintained.

This bag can give you your own mushrooms in less than a month.

In case you wish to make your own BRF bags, we also offer Brown Rice Flour in bulk.

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  1. Take the bags out of their packaging as soon as possible, and keep them at room temperature, away from direct cold/heat sources.
  2. Do not store uncolonized bags in the fridge; only fully colonized bags can be kept to slow down the fungus and delay fruiting until ready.
  3. We recommend that the bags are colonized as soon as possible to minimize the chances of contamination or moisture loss.
  4. Work in front of a flow hood or a still air box or in a room with no air movement with the workspace adequately sanitized.
  5. Mix at least 15% grain spawn or higher of your desired species, mix it thoroughly in the bag, and let it colonize.
  6. Incubate at 22-24°C in a dark spot and keep all the bags at a distance from each other to avoid excess heat.
  7. Temperatures lower than 20°C make mycelium grow slowly, which could allow competing organisms to flourish. Temperatures above 24°C favor competing organisms rather than fungi, which increases the likelihood of contamination. Temperatures around 32-34°C will kill the mycelium.
  8. Prioritise airflow over, keeping the bag in a dark spot. If there is no air current during colonization, the CO2 buildup inside the bag will not be able to be expelled out of the air filter patch. Excess CO2 buildup will suffocate mycelium, leading to slow growth and mycelium producing excess metabolite as a sign of stress, which changes the pH of the substrate and makes it easier for contamination to thrive.

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