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These uncolonized liquid culture jars are sterile and contain the required nutrients, a magnetic stirrer, and a specialized mycology lid. They contain about 600ml of extra-clear liquid in a 1-litre glass jar.

Before being sold, these jars are left on the shelf for a fortnight to ensure no contamination is present.


Brand: The specific brand of the jar might vary based on what’s available, so we can’t promise a particular one.

Inoculation: You can introduce either a liquid culture or an agar wedge to the jar. But be aware that if you open the lid to insert an agar wedge, you can’t claim any contamination issues later. Please note that you shouldn’t directly introduce a spore syringe into these jars; even when tested, spore syringes might have minimal contamination.

Observation Period: After inoculating, give it a week or two. You should observe mycelium growth resembling jelly while the remaining nutrient liquid remains clear.

Visual Inspection: If you notice any haziness or cloudiness in the liquid, that’s a dead giveaway of contamination.

Testing Before Use: To verify the culture’s purity, you might want to test it on an MEA plate or MEA container. Just a heads up – don’t use an MEAG medium for testing.

Injection Port: Make sure to give the jar’s injection port a good spray with isopropyl alcohol every time before using it. Always use a new needle for every injection, and avoid reusing needles even if you’ve flame-sterilized them. And remember, don’t stick a heated needle into the injection port. It needs to be cooled down.

Looking to make your own liquid culture? Visit us at  Make Liquid Culture for a shopping list curated for beginners.

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