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  • I could not find certain Gourmet cultures on your website. Can you import it for me?
    Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has a list on this following link:- Table 1 has the list of permitted species allowed to be imported. Anything not listed here cannot be imported. We do sell most of the permitted specie but cannot sell certain permitted species as they are Mycorrhizal, these species needs symbiotic relationship with certain trees and cannot be grown easily.
  • When do i receive the order confirmation email?
    It is sent out to you instantly. If you do not receive it, please check your spam.We have noticed that some customers add a wrong email address by mistake.You can contact us to change the email address and resend you the order confirmation email.We do however require you to attach your payment receipt to verify order was made by you.This is a security measure we take to safeguard your account.
  • Do you give guarantee with all your products?
    All our products have 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee.If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us and you will be surprised how accomodating we are.
  • I am a complete beginner. Where do I start?
    Buying one of our Mushroom grow kits is the best place to start and learn. Unlike any other kit in the market, these kits are the first of it's kind. You do everything from start to finish to learn to grow(Inoculation, Colonisation and fruiting). We do not promise you a big harvest, as these are small bags, but we promise you will learn a lot along the way. Once you grow these out and you want to take this further. We recommend you grow oysters in food-grade plastic containers using pasteurised straws. Please watch some youtube videos on pasteurising straw and growing mushrooms in a bucket.
  • I need to buy a few things, but I am not sure, can you help?
    We require you to call us at +61416399905 to discuss the shopping list for the project you have in mind. We cannot answer such detailed questions in the email as it requires understanding your setup and experience level before we can recommend something to you. We do have a page where we have already made a shopping list for you:-
  • I want to grow magic mushrooms. Do you sell spores?
    Our business does not sell any active variety spores or liquid culture. We also cannot point you in right direction. These species are illegal to grow and sell.
  • How do I get a Tax Invoice?
    Tax invoice, payment receipt and the order confirmation is sent straight after placing the order on the website.
  • Can I use a pseudo name for delivery?
    A pseudo name is a fake name people give for delivery. This goes against our terms. We will require your real name, especially if you provide us with an Australia Post parcel locker address. It is important to note if you are not at home or your property is not accessible for any reason, the parcel will be taken to the nearest post office, where they will check your id that should match the name on the package. We are required to put signatures on delivery for expensive items or orders that have been flagged as high-risk by our payment providers. If you use Pseudo name, the package would not be delivered. Suppose a pseudo name is used, and a parcel is returned to us. In that case, we will recover the cost of shipping+ throw away any pre sterelised products to avoid risking contamination in our work area and return back the money after deducting the 3% payment processing fees that we were charged in the original transaction that does not get returned to us.
  • Do you dropship your products or hold stock?
    We hold stock of all our products, and inventory is managed by inventory management software. This helps us to monitor stock to sell on various platforms like Amazon, eBay, catch, Etsy and our website. The item stock is shown in real-time. When our product is out of stock, you will be shown an option 'notify when available' on our product page. We are notified as soon as you make a request or our items are low, and we endeavour to restock the item soon as possible.
  • Important News articles
    Mushroom pickers urged to avoid foraging books on Amazon that appear to be written by AI
  • How much is your shipping cost?
    While most of our items are free express shipping(Agar plates, Substrate, Sterelised grains and Colonised grain spawn) anywhere in Australia. We do have shipping charges for other items. The shipping charge is a flat rate depending on the product ordered. The maximum shipping cost is $20 for express parcels, regardless of the quantity and items ordered. Some items have a cheaper shipping rate if they go in letters instead of the parcel.All items except bulky items like carton of Petri dish and Sterelisers go express shipping by default from our store. No matter where you are in Australia, regional or rural, our shipping costs are the cheapest and are shown on the checkout screen. All parcel are sent express is expected to reach you within 3 days unless there is any postal delays.
  • My item is bouncing between states or depot(Australia post). What do I do?
    Australia Post recently started sorting all parcels via machines, which read all the labels electronically. When a label is damaged or somehow not read correctly by the system, this problem can arise. We recommend contacting us, and we can lodge a manual intercept request with Australia Post. When we lodge an intercept request, the parcel is flagged the next time it goes through the processing centre and is manually sorted by a human and sent to the correct location.
  • My item arrived damage, how do i notify you?
    If the item has arrived damage, do not worry.All our item is sent insured and its our responsibility to make sure you receive the item intact.Notify us asap, via website chat or on you can also call us at +61 4163 999 905 and speak to us. We will require the photo of the item and the package to open a case. We do not take any request for damage items after 3 days of delivery.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, however, not all items can be sent. Please fill out this form and submit it.We will get back to you with more details.
  • Which shipping service do you use?
    We ship most of the items using Australia Post.We do have account with DHL, Fedex, Sendle and TNT.We will sometimes use these service but generally they are more expensive to ship.Please contact us if you do not want to use Australia post as your logistic service provider and we can send you a quote.
  • Is there a restriction on sending some items to certain states?
    Tasmania requires an intent to import form at least 24 hours before the item reaches the state. You are not required to do anything; we send the form on your behalf at no cost. Just order normally on the website. Western Australia has a list of mushroom cultures that you can import. The list can be found here in this link. It is your duty as a customer to order the cultures permitted to import; with the volume of orders we receive, it is impossible for us to check every single order for compliance. Species like Woodear, Reishi and Lion's mane are currently prohibited. WA Quarantine rarely checks the parcel, but they charge an inspection fee if they do. If this happens to you, send us the receipt of payment, and we will reimburse you the cost. If you wish to import prohibited species, please fill this form out and send to the address mentioned in the form. You can contact us to assist you with filling out the form.We do not assist or give you advice to fill the section where it asks you to fill ingenerally' reason for importation'.
  • I need to change my Shipping address; how do I proceed?
    Customers who pay via PayPal specially have the address filled out automatically .Sometimes, it could be your old address that you forgot to change. We can change your address if we get a written request via the email mentioned in the order.Please send all request to as soon as you are aware of this. Once the order is shipped out, We will not be able to do anything.
  • The tracking number provided to me already has tracking events before my date of purchase; is it wrong?
    This is a known issue with Australia post. We do sometimes buy prepaid labels, and the date of purchase shows as tracking event and your parcel may show delayed notification. Please give the tracking upto 12 hours after it was sent to you to update itself. The tracking fixes itself once it has reached the Auspost sorting centre.
  • When will the item ship? I paid for express.
    Paying express does not mean faster processing for your order; however, it considerably reduces the time it takes for the parcel to reach you via Auspost once it is marked as shipped. Express delivery takes 1-3 weekdays once it is sent out where, whereas a standard parcel takes 3-10 days for delivery. Your order is divided into Handling time and shipping time. Handling time is how long it takes us to prepare your order. If you order any sterilised substrate or grain bags, It takes 1-3 days to prepare as we cannot stock sterilised products in advance as they are perishable, and we want to ship you only freshly made quality bags. Once the parcel is handed over to Australia Post, the amount of time it takes them to deliver is the Shipping time. Express post plays a role here as it means they are transferred through the air and not road or rail network. If you have a request for your parcel to arrive by a particular date, please let us know, and we will try our best, but we will not guarantee that it will reach you on time. it is best to order in advance and plan accordingly. At any stage, we will notify you if we delay more than 3 days in handling your package. However, please look at our 3000+ reviews; our customers are roaring at how fast they receive their delivery and how happy they are with the quality. It is in our best interest to process your order asap!
  • Can I request discreet packaging?
    Our parcels are sent using discreet packaging in a plain white or brown box except the 500x Petri dish. The name 'Rootlab' does not appear anywhere. The package has your name and address and our return address, a PO BOX . There is no indication of the content of the box anywhere. Orders for mushroom farms, Universities, International orders, Research centres and most companies are packaged differently. Our business name and contact number will appear on the packaging and may include a customs form or invoice attached outside the box. To be absolutely sure, please mention on the checkout screen that you want your package discreet.
  • Do you do same day delivery?
    We do Same day delivery through Sherpa or Uber. Please let us know the item you require and your full name and address, we will send you a quote.
  • Do you have a physical store i can collect my item from?
    We do not have a physical store, as most of our items are made to order. We do, however give the option to "click and collect" for orders paid via the website and 'pickup' selected on checkout. Once your order is made, we send you a "pickup ready email" with our address and phone number to arrange a pickup time.
  • Can pick-up orders be paid in cash?
    Yes, we accept cash payments for pick-up orders. To pay in cash, simply select the "Manual payment" option during the checkout process. When you arrive to pick up your order, you can make the payment in cash. Please note that cash payments are only applicable for pick-up orders and cannot be used for other payment methods such as bank transfers or online payments.
  • Would you recommend reading any books?
    We recommend to start with Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms: Book By Paul Stamets We have a big collection of mycology books available on this link:- We only stock books that we recommend you to read.
  • Can you identify mushrooms growing in my property?
    Under no circumstances can Rootlab help you ID mushrooms growing wild in your property due to our insurance limitation. We do advise you to go to the following link:- People here take the time to help you out with identifying mushrooms and help you grow your knowledge in foraging. We are grateful for such an awesome community.
  • Do you recommend any courses?
    We have attended numerous courses in Australia to discover what everyone has to offer and understand the industry. There is one particular course that stands out. Will Borowski owns and operates; more Forest Fungi in Tasmania and has been doing face-to-face workshops for quite a while now. We would recommend booking a course with him. The course can be booked via their website. The student needs to travel to Tasmania to attend his courses. Will has plans to travel to mainland cities and teach, more information will be uploaded on his upcoming course page. He is very informative and has a well-structured course designed; he offers years of experience foraging and cultivating mushrooms; credit goes to him for some of the excellent genetics we have in our stores, like Chestnuts, Native Lion's Mane and Reishi. We DO NOT get any commission for referring a student to him.
  • Do you sell a fully colonised easy-to-grow mushroom growing kits?
    We're all about offering an in-depth, hands-on mushroom growing experience with our gourmet mushroom grow kit. It's like a backstage pass to the magical world of mushrooms, from culture inoculation to the fruiting stage! Now, we think our kits are pretty groovy - but hey, we get it—different strokes for different folks. If you're after a more traditional mushroom-growing kit, we've got just a recommendation for you: That Mushroom Guy. This small, family-owned farm in Nowra, NSW, is as passionate about shrooms as we are. Brett, the man behind the mushrooms, has been cultivating a stunning variety of gourmet fungi that would make any mycologist's heart skip a beat. Their kits are fuss-free and perfect for budding mushroom growers. From Chestnut to Oyster and Lion's Mane, they've got a line-up that'll make your taste buds do a happy dance. And guess what? Their mushroom cultures come straight from us here at Rootlab. So, you can rest easy knowing that you're getting the same high-quality fungi we love and nurture. We're all part of the big, beautiful mushroom family, after all. So whether you're starting your fungal journey with us or with That Mushroom Guy, remember - it's all about the love for mushrooms. Happy growing!
  • What videos you will recommend to help operate All American - Electric and non-electric sterilisers (Autoclaves) ?
    You must master how to load, seal, and safely use the All American Steriliser. Our provided resources, alongside the videos below, the product listing details and the instruction manual, will assist you in navigating through the process: Please keep in mind some of these videos might not directly correspond to your specific model, but they're meant to clarify certain key principles we think you should understand for example If you come across any questions or discover a top-notch resource you reckon we should share here, don't hesitate to drop us a message at If you want to know the difference between Autoclaves, Sterilisers and Pressure cookers, please watch this video:- Watching all videos is essential as they all have something to add to your understanding of operating these machines.
  • Article on Agaricus commercial production
    Please click here to read on how agaricus mushrooms are grown commercially.
  • Important article from TGA
    Guidance on mushroom products
  • Mushroom farm registration
    Are you a Mushroom farm ALREADY producing and selling commercially or to the markets? Register with us for 50% off on our Liquid culture+more benefits like free consultancy. Please get in touch with us at +61 416 399 905 and introduce yourself and your business.
  • I have purchased from you previously but did not make an account.If I make an account now, can I see my past purchases?
    When you make a new site account with us, all the past purchases using the same email id will automatically sync. If you have made purchases using multiple email id in the past., please contact us before making an account on our website. Making an account with us helps you checkout faster, and see your past purchases.
  • Want to leave us private feedback?
    Leave us feedback using this link:
  • Do you want to leave us a public feedback?
    We would appreciate it if you can let us know about any adverse experience with us via email on We will try our best to resolve it for you. You can leave us a review on Google by following this link:- Please note 14 days after your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to review us on google. We would appreciate if you could rate us as this means the world to us.
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