CO2 Generator Bag 3Kg

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“Are you aware that plants thrive in environments where CO2 levels are triple those found in the typical atmosphere?

Our CO2 bags do more than just optimize CO2 levels in your grow room; they also facilitate the cultivation of Reishi mushrooms. Around three months after you begin using our CO2 bags, you will notice the emergence of Reishi antlers. This particular species of Reishi, indigenous to Australia, is selected for its unique characteristic of not releasing spores during fruiting within the bag. This feature ensures that your grow space remains clean, free from airborne spores.
As they mature, the Reishi antlers in our CO2 bags will extend to the ends of the bag. Upon opening the bag, which increases air exchange, these antlers can potentially develop into a conk at their tips, the part typically responsible for spore production. However, we recommend harvesting the antlers when they reach the top of the bag and air drying them, without allowing the formation of a conk. This method avoids the release of spores,providing the same medicinal benefits as fully matured Reishi.
This approach enables the safe and spore-free harvesting of Reishi antlers, enhancing your investment by boosting plant growth and offering a source of medicinal mushrooms.”


Maximize Your Plant Growth with Our Advanced CO2 Cultivation Bag

Enhance the vitality and yield of your indoor garden with our CO2 Cultivation Bag. Inspired by the pioneering work of ExHale CO2 Bags, the original creators of this innovative cultivation solution, our product is designed to optimize the photosynthesis process in plants. This self-activated bag delivers a consistent flow of CO2, crucial for carbohydrate production, without the need for any maintenance or additional equipment.

* Optimal CO2 Levels: Suitable for small to medium-sized grow spaces, our CO2 bag provides up to 1300 ppm of CO2, covering a 4×4 foot space efficiently. It sustains this output for 6 months, ensuring your plants consistently receive the CO2 they need for maximum growth.
* Safe and Organic: Created with natural, safe ingredients, this bag is harmless for use around people, pets, and plants. It’s the perfect addition to both home gardens and professional greenhouses.
* Maintenance-Free: Hang the bag above your plants, and it will release CO2 through its microporous surface—no manual intervention required.CO2 is heavier than air hence we want the bags to be kept above plant level.
* Enhanced Plant Performance: By elevating CO2 levels, our bag aids your plants in photosynthesizing more effectively, which results in quicker growth, greater yields, and stronger overall health.
* Continuous Operation: Our CO2 bag works around the clock, cultivating and releasing CO2 through a specialized porous patch that ensures a steady supply every day.
* Visibility and Control: A clear window on the bag allows you to see the contents, helping you decide when it’s time for a replacement.
* Locally Produced: Our CO2 bags are produced locally, reducing shipping times and providing you with a fresher, more effective product. The bags are inoculated just before dispatch. They will start producing CO2 roughly one week from dispatch.
* Advanced Fungi Technology: Using a specific fungi strain and a specially formulated substrate, our bags produce an abundant amount of CO2 , extending the life and effectiveness of each bag.

Longevity and Replacement Strategy:
Our CO2 bags are engineered to last up to 6 months, providing a continuous and effective release of CO2. However, to ensure that your plants consistently receive optimal levels of CO2 for peak photosynthesis and growth, we recommend a strategic replacement schedule:
* Initial Setup: Begin by placing one CO2 bag in your grow space. This bag will effectively enrich the environment with CO2.
* Boosting CO2 Levels: After 3 months, add a second fresh CO2 bag to your grow space. This addition helps to boost the CO2 concentration, compensating for any gradual decrease in output from the first bag as it ages. This ensures that your plants consistently have access to high levels of CO2, which is essential for their growth.
* Maintaining Consistency: At the 6-month mark, replace the first bag (which has now reached the end of its optimal effectiveness) with a new one. Keep the second bag, which will still be effective, in place. This staggered approach ensures there is never a drop in CO2 levels, which can affect plant health and yield.Do not forget to harvest the antlers from the bag before disposal.
This intercalation strategy ensures that CO2 levels remain high and stable, providing your plants with the ideal environment for vigorous growth throughout their lifecycle.

Experience enhanced growth and yields in your garden with our CO2 Cultivation Bag, designed for both vegetative growth and flowering stages, ensuring your plants thrive in their ideal growing conditions.

Alternate ways to get CO2

Using pure, liquefied carbon dioxide from pressurized tanks is a reliable but costly option that requires significant infrastructure and ongoing expenses. It involves complex safety measures and substantial space, making it less accessible for small-scale growers or those with limited space. Additionally, alternative methods like small burners consume 1kg of propane to produce 3kg of carbon dioxide, but this process also introduces water vapor, heat, and potentially unburned hydrocarbons, which can be detrimental in a controlled growing environment (Chalabi et al., 2002). These unwanted byproducts can disrupt the delicate balance required for optimal plant growth. On the other hand, CO2 bags offer a simpler, safer, and more cost-effective solution without the need for specialized infrastructure or the risk of hazardous byproducts, making them a more suitable choice for many indoor gardeners. For further reading on the complexities of using CO2 in controlled environments, the study by Arizona University provides comprehensive insights.



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