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Mushroom Slants for long-term mushroom culture/ mycelium storage 2+ years

This is the best method to store mushroom culture for the long term. We have used these to store our culture in our lab and now we bring this awesome product to professionals and beginners. The slants are called so because the agar is cooled down at an angle giving it the maximum surface area for the mycelium to grow. We have slants with wood and without wood. We use premium birch wood with the most premium borosilicate bottles available. These bottles can be reused and are autoclave-friendly.


One 50ml Borosilicate Bottle with nutrient-rich agar with or without birch wood, sealed with Parafilm.
One strip of parafilm extra.

The birch wood option is suitable for hardwood-loving mycelium, which gives it a fibrous to colonise, keeping the mycelium active and preventing enzyme blindness. The hardwood option can still be chosen for non-wood decomposing species.

These bottles have a flat surface on the bottom to stay upright without needing a rack to store them.

The agar culture is made using a complex mixture of nutrients, including grain water, peptone, MEA, yeast and potato water from freshly boiled potatoes.

The complex nutrient is abundant with a very thick layer of pour, this guarantees the agar not drying out and has enough moisture for the mycelium to survive long term.

The introduction of hardwood also makes mycelium vigorous and makes it used to the ultimate medium or substrate it will be transferred to.

A Petri dish is a short-term storage method as the culture dries out because of the large surface area and is mainly used to propagate mushrooms.

Find our Pre-Poured Petri Dishes on our Store


These slants have a screw lid that can be closed at 95% and seal the lid with parafilm for easy breathability, keeping the mycelium alive for many years. We use glass bottles instead of standard plastic bottles as they have clearer visibility and a premium look. The glass can be reused and is autoclave-safe. The lid is also autoclavable.

These slants have been professionally made in a very sterile environment after years of practice to get it right and have been modified in the process.
– Does not take up much space.
– Creates a mother culture for long-term storage
– 50ml with 2 options- with or without wood.
– More nutrients and exposure to different mediums, the more viable your culture is going to be.
– The screw-top design prevents mycelium from drying out and has a low opening to prevent moisture from escaping in the long term.

Instructions to use:-

– When you buy a culture from a supplier like us, grow it in a petri dish, take a small piece of the culture from the leading edge of the petri dish and place it in your slants in a still air box or in front of a flow hood.

– Within a few days, the mycelium will start colonising your slant; when you see the whole slant is covered with white mycelium without contamination, the culture can be stored inside the fridge at around 5 to 8 degrees.

– It is advisable to get the culture out of dormancy once every 2 years and repeat the process above to keep the mycelium viable. It is not a necessary step but it assures viability. On orders of 10+ slants, we can also design your own preferred medium, like Potato Dextrose, Peptone, Yeast and activated charcoal (PDYPA). Check this recipe out in our PDYPA agar plate listing.


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