All in one Coco Coir+Vermiculite 1kg bag

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Introducing the Ultimate Mushroom Grow Bag: Your All-in-One Solution for Successful Cultivation

Embarking on the journey of mushroom cultivation has never been easier, thanks to our groundbreaking Mushroom Grow Bag. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, our pre-sterilized, ready-to-colonize substrate bags are designed to simplify and elevate your mushroom growing experience. Equipped with detailed instructions, these bags are a game-changer that ensures successful colonization and bountiful fruiting. Read on to discover how our Mushroom Grow Bag can transform your cultivation endeavours.

We have 4 Variations for this bag: This listing is for Coco coir + Vermiculite based All in One; use our other listing to buy All In One Bags

Seamless Inoculation with Expert Guidance

Please note, before purchasing, ensure you have a spore syringe or liquid culture ready, as our Mushroom Grow Bag is meant to be inoculated upon arrival. The process is remarkably straightforward – simply inject and let nature take its course. Our comprehensive instruction sheet accompanies every order, guiding you through the inoculation process step by step. We believe in empowering beginners with the knowledge they need to kickstart their journey.

Quality Assured, Contamination-Free

Our commitment to quality begins with our sterilization process. Each bag undergoes three hours of sterilization at 20 psi in a commercial autoclave, ensuring a 100% contaminant-free environment. While we maintain rigorous quality control, unforeseen circumstances during shipping might occasionally lead to contamination. In such rare instances, we request that you share a photo of the issue within two weeks of receiving the product. Rest assured, your satisfaction is our priority, and we offer a full refund or replacement in such cases.

Tailored for Success

Crafted for optimal growth, our Mushroom Grow Bag boasts a careful blend of 50% millet grains and 50% substrate (comprising 80% Coco Coir and 20% Vermiculite). This carefully curated mix provides the perfect nourishment for mushroom colonization and fruiting. Each kit includes a self-healing injection port, an alcohol swab for sterilization, and a specially designed Unicorn Mushroom bag, available in 4-T (10.16cm X 7.62cm X 45.72cm) size, with a 3.81cm X 3.81cm 0.2um air filter vent.  In case 4-T bags are out of stock, we shall use 10-T bags instead. 10-T Size-12.7cmX 10.16cmX 45.72cm (Both have Inj ports) as an alternative.

Effortless Steps for Success

Our Mushroom Grow Bag eliminates the need for grain-to-substrate transfer, a process often prone to contamination. The streamlined approach ensures a hassle-free cultivation process. Follow these simple steps for successful results:

  • Inoculate the grains through the injection port with a spore syringe or liquid culture.
  • Gently move the bag to distribute the inoculant evenly.
  • Place the bag in a dry, dark spot at around 24°C.
  • Check for colonization after a week or two.
  • Mix substrate and grains by gently shaking the bag.
  • Allow another week for colonization.
  • Follow fruiting instructions specific to your mushroom species.

Fruiting Made Effortless

Our Mushroom Grow Bag is designed for ultimate convenience during the fruiting phase. To fruit from the side, create an “x” cut when the bag is fully colonized. For top fruiting, cut the top part of the bag while leaving some space to create a CO2 reservoir. Once fully colonised, these bags can also be removed from the mushroom bag and kept in a fruiting chamber. What else is to offer? Easy refund policy and free express shipping!

Your Partner in Cultivation

Experience the joy of growing your mushrooms with Rootlab’s Mushroom Grow Bag. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced cultivator, our product is your key to success. Backed by an easy refund policy and free express shipping, we aim to make your cultivation journey as seamless as possible. Please note that while our bags contain all you need, *MYCELIUM AND COLONISED GRAIN SPAWN NOT INCLUDED*  You Can find them on our store.

Check our listing for only 2 Kg Coco Coir + Vermiculite Substrate

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