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Mycelium Growth Medium : Hemp Hurd or Sawdust

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Make Your Own Object with Mycelium Growth Medium

Targeted at design students and artists.

Before purchasing, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the process and conditions associated with this product. Please ensure you read the following instructions carefully about this listing. To read more about the process, head to our page “How to make Mycelium Objects?”

Upon Arrival:

  • After receiving it, you might need to store the product for an additional 2-3 days. Begin usage when you notice white mycelium growth.
  • There’s no need to wait for complete coverage; when 10-20% of the bag turns white, it’s ready for the next step.

   Storage upon arrival

  • Place the bag in an open space, ensuring it stands upright and remains fully unfolded (the white part in the bag is the air filter, which allows the mycelium to breathe).
  • Avoid exposure to direct airflow from fans, air conditioning, or heaters, and prevent direct sunlight. It’s best not to store inside cupboards or boxes.

Check our listing Create with Mycelium to get started with your projects

Usage Instructions:

  • Once you observe fluffy mycelium growth, break up the ingredients inside the bag.
  • Open the bag and start transferring the mixture into your mold:
    • For larger molds, avoid packing the mixture too tightly.
    • For smaller objects, you can compact the mixture slightly.

Important Notes:

  • Mycelium begins to harden from day 10 post-manufacturing, which can make it challenging to work with. We advise using the substrate before this hardening occurs.
  • Order only when you’re set to start your project. Upon readiness, use the entire substrate promptly or within a few days.
  • To decelerate the mycelium’s growth rate, you can refrigerate the medium.
  • If not utilizing the entire substrate immediately, reseal the bag and refrigerate. Before reuse, bring the mycelium back to room temperature.

Product Benefits: We supply sterile hemp hurd or Sawdust at field capacity (hydrated), fortified with nutrients, to guarantee rapid colonization.

Please note that Hemp hurd colonizes fast, but sawdust is better for intricate and smaller molds. We find the sawdust medium pretty resilient when demolding and is not as brittle as the hemp hurd from the edges.

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Order and Shipping Process:


  • Once your order is placed, we sterilize the hemp or sawdust. Please make sure you order enough substrate for your project; we are unfortunately unable to comment on how much substrate you will need for your project.
  • After cooling, the substrate is inoculated with the mycelium of your choice.
  • We then seal the bag and prepare it for shipping.
  • Please allow up to 5 days for shipping.


Note: Should you have a specific preference for mycelium species other than Reishi or Turkey Tail, kindly specify it in your order notes.

Demonstration video on our planter box mold. Visit our Create Objects with Mycelium blog for more information.



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